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Why Our Pre-Rolled Cones

DaySavers in the News - Rolling Stone, Leafly, Herb, HuffPost DaySavers in the News - Rolling Stone, Leafly, Herb, HuffPost

Pre-Rolled Quality

Our pre-rolled cones and tubes are made with the highest-quality, ultra-fine French rolling paper to ensure that the taste of your flower comes through every time. Whether the ultra-refined white or the natural brown rolling papers, DaySavers pre rolled cones and pre-rolled tubes are super smooth and slow-burning and feature a straight gum-line, which means less paper and a more even burn than standard prerolled cones. Plus, our pre-rolled cones are FSC certified, meaning the pre roll paper is sustainably sourced.

Pre-Rolled Cone Variety

We know you like variety, so DaySavers offers plenty of options for your pre rolled cones and tubes. From your choice of ultra-refined white paper or natural brown paper and even holiday filters in our DaySavers pre-rolled cones to your choice of spiral, wood or premium glass filter tips on our Fill-a-Blunts pre-rolled tubes to the eye-catching and instantly recognizable Smoke Temple Cross Cone, our pre rolled cones come in a wide variety of paper types, designs and filter tips to make sure you can pack your way every time! Plus, we have more pre-rolled cone options and designs coming soon, so check back often!

Pre-Rolled Cone Compliance

Your flower is tested for safety and compliance, but what about your pre rolled cones or tubes? All DaySavers, Fill-a-Blunt and Smoke Temple pre-rolled cones are tested to the highest industry standards for heavy metals, pesticides and microbials to ensure that your prerolled cones and tubes are as clean as the flower you put in them! We don’t have to test our pre-rolled cones, but we do it anyway because you deserve to know that you can trust your rolling papers are as safe as can be.

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Why Trust Our Pre-Rolled Cones and Blunt Wraps?

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are naturally occurring in the soil, so plants can absorb them as they grow. We test all our pre rolled cones to ensure they pass the strictest of heavy metals levels used in the cannabis industry!


"Palm" leaves are known to be full of pesticides, as are low quality hemp wraps. We not only test all our pre-rolled cones and tubes to the strictest standards in the USA, but we have the documents to back it up!


Mold is the last thing you want to be smoking, so rest assured all our products pass the same microbial tests used in the strictest of cannabis markets so your pre-rolled cones and tubes are as clean as your flower. Rolling papers rarely grow mold, but hemp wraps and palm leaves can!

Honest Labeling

Rice paper, palm leaves, rose paper - you'd be surprised how many lies and marketing gimmicks have been used to sell you smoking accessories. Our mission is to be the most honest, transparent, and compliant paper company in the world so when you know exactly what you’re getting when you light one of our pre rolled cones or tubes!

What are Simply Superior Smokewares?

DaySavers is a group of industry experts, growers, budtenders, creators and consumers with a passion for the plant and a drive to enhance every smoker’s sesh through education and science.

The DaySavers Panel reviews and approves every product sold on — giving you the confidence to taste new prerolled cones and test out the very best smoking tools. We gathered these industry experts together to ensure that every new DaySavers pre-rolled cone or pre-rolled tube meets the expectations of even the toughest critics and industry professionals.

We also test all our pre-roll cones and smoking accessories just as strictly as regulated cannabis products, something no other rolling paper company does. We don’t have to, but we wanted to know exactly what was in our prerolled cones and knew that you deserved to know as well – and that's Simply Superior!


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