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Pre Rolled Cones & Tubes

Carefully crafted in Europe, our paper-making techniques come from generations before. Our pre rolled cones and tubes are designed with precision, using sustainably raw materials sourced from the finest artisan paper producers in the world. All DaySavers pre-rolled products are ultra-fine and contain little to no excess material. Translation: Your herb shines through, you smoke less paper, allowing for a smooth, even, controlled burn. Designed by pre-roll joint smokers, for pre-roll joint smokers.™

Pre Rolled Cones are Unbleached and Chlorine Free, and available in: Organic Hemp, Natural (unbleached-raw), and Ulra-fine Rice.

Pre-rolled cones are available in 5 sizes: 70mm, 84mm, 98mm-Slim, 98mm-Classic, and 109mm.

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Cones + Tubes

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