DaySavers Perfect Pack Machine & 60 Pre-Rolled Artisan Tubes Bundle

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Bundle Overview:
1 Perfect Pack Machine and 3 Packs of DaySavers 84mm Artisan Tubes (Refined White or Natural Brown Paper)
Machine Type:
Filling Machine - Perfect for packing cigarette tubes or Artisan tubes with cannabis
Tube Length:
Tube Filter Length:
Filter Type:
Spiral Tip
Tube Capacity:
0.7 Grams
Pack Quantity:
20 Artisan Pre-Roll Tubes (3X Packs for 60 Tubes Total)

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DaySavers Perfect Pack Machine & 60 Pre-Rolled Artisan Tubes Bundle
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Perfect Pack Machine & Pre-Rolled Artisan Tubes Bundle

Includes 60 Pre-Roll Tubes in Refined White or Natural Brown Paper

Stock up and save today! Grab yourself a Perfect Pack pre-roll filling machine and your choice of three boxes of our 20-pack Artisan Tubes, available in both refined white and natural brown with this special bundle! Fitting perfectly on the Perfect Pack and filling in just seconds, our artisan smoking tubes are a quick and easy way to take your pre-roll game to the next level. Made with a spiral filter to help cool the smoke and keep bits of flower out of your mouth, our artisan smoking tubes are made with your choice of ultra-refined white paper or our natural brown paper, each made with our Ultra-Fine European Rolling Papers to ensure a smooth, slow-burning experience that lets your flower shine. Always tested to the highest standards in the industry for pesticides, microbials and heavy metals and never bleached, the only difference between the papers is the amount of time spent refining them to create either the natural brown or pure white look! Grab this bundle today and save $9.96 off the original price of a Perfect Pack and three boxes of artisan tubes!

Perfect Pack Machine

The DaySavers Perfect Pack is the only cigarette tube filling machine that was specifically designed to work with cannabis. Instead of compression, the DaySavers Perfect Pack uses a screw method to perfectly pack the cannabis all the way to the filter end—no more tamping and repacking! You can even customize the compression of the cannabis throughout the tube to your specifications.

Sesh Airtight Fresh Seal Pre-rolled Cone Jar

60 Artisan Pre-Roll Tubes

DaySavers is the most compliant and transparent rolling paper brand on the market! Held to the same compliance standards as regulated cannabis companies, DaySavers tests for heavy metals, microbials, and pesticides on all of their products. These pre-rolled tubes are made with Ultra-Fine European rolling papers, ensuring a smooth, slow-burning, and flavorless smoking experience. The spiral paper filter tip ensures small particles stay out of the smokers mouth, but allow the full flavor of your flower to shine through. Available in both white and brown rolling paper.

Quality Paper

The rolling paper used to manufacture our pre-rolled cones and tubes is sourced from the highest quality rolling paper mills in Europe. Cheap pre-rolled cones are made with low quality cone rolling paper, but our rolling papers are super smooth and slow burning.