Become an Expert Smoke Tester

Become an Expert
Smoke Tester

Become an Expert Smoke Tester

Do you have impeccable taste in cannabis? Do people turn to you to find out the hottest trends in the cannabis industry and with smoking accessories? Do you want to try new papers, new filter tips, and new products before anyone else?

We’re about to Save Your Day!

Apply today to become one of our DaySavers Expert Testers!

We’re looking for qualified smokers to help test our DaySavers, Fill-a-Blunts, and Smoke Temple pre-roll cones, tubes and blunts wraps and give us their honest opinion on the best-tested rolling cones on the market! New papers, new shapes, new filter choices, all before anyone else gets to try them!

Being an DaySavers Expert Tester isn’t easy – you need to take smoking seriously!

You’ll need to test out our products, carefully compare and log notes about your smoking experience, and then tell the world what you think! You can even become part of our DaySavers Ambassador Team and earn free product and commissions for making unboxing videos, leaving product reviews, and top Ambassadors will even be flown out to collaborate with the Pre-Roll Experts here at the DaySavers HQ and at the hottest industry events!

Do YOU have what it takes to Save The Day?
Apply Now!

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