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About DaySavers

We started DaySavers for the simple reason that we believe a good pre-roll can save the day.

We’ve all been there; things are not going right, the afternoon is starting to drift away. But then somebody shows up with a perfectly timed pre-roll and – BOOM! Day saved.

Born from the team of Pre-Roll Experts at, the leading pre-roll supply company for pre-roll businesses, DaySavers’ mission is to ensure smoking accessories are held to the same quality and safety compliance required of manufacturers. Accessories like pre-roll cones and rolling papers are not held to the same, strict testing standards as finished products. And you deserve better. So we decided to bring that level of quality and transparency to consumers.

Rest assured that your homemade pre-roll is the best-tested on the market. We test all of our DaySavers products to go beyond even the highest industry standards for pesticides, heavy metals and microbials! Not only that, but we’ve brought together a panel of experts from across the country, including cannabis journalists, business owners, industry insiders, influencers and experienced smokers to make sure that DaySavers, Fill-a-Blunts and Smoke Temple cross cones are not just compliant, but as easy to fill and smoke as we promise.

Not to mention that rolling a joint by hand is hard work! Packing a cone is a lot less intimidating for a lot of people who still want to make their own high-quality pre-roll and enjoy the experience.

But not everyone likes a cone or rolling papers, right? That’s why we also offer our Fill-a-Blunts, for fans a slower, longer smokes. And for a party pass-around? Try the Smoke Temple cross cone for a unique smoking experience you and your friends won’t soon forget.

All three of our products – the DaySavers pre-roll tubes, Fill-a-Blunts and Smoke Temple cross cone - can be packed by hand. Or use the super simple Perfect Pack pre-roll tube & cone filling machine, to perfectly fill an empty pre-roll cone, DaySavers tube or Fill-a-Blunt in seconds, allowing you to pack multiple cones, tubes or blunts and get on your way. Specifically designed for cannabis, the Perfect Pack is an easy and convenient way to save the day, your way.

The cannabis community is full of different personalities and people of different walks of life, but if there is one thing that could unite us all, it’s a perfect pre-roll.

Be a hero and save the day with DaySavers: Simply Superior Smokewares

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