Joint + Blunt Rollers

Our team of product experts curated a second to none assortment of cannabis herb grinders. For those less familiar, herb grinders are a tool necessary for smokers to break down herbs into smokable form/size and consistency. Whether you roll your own joints with rolling paper, pack pre-rolled cones, pre-rolled Blunt cones or simply load up a pipe or bong, a great cannabis grinder allows smokers to enjoy a smooth, consistent, and effortless experience for the best smoke possible.

Beyond a Grinders necessary utility, it extends what smokers get out of their product. Breaking down herb by hand cross-contaminates, reduces the flowers original flavor profile, and strength. Grinders solve this conundrum because the plant matter being ground is carefully contained within a post-grind chamber, and some grinders include screens to catch and separate kief.

Investing into a grinder or pre-rolled cone filler yields smokers many benefits, including better airflow and combustion, flavor profiles and prolonged potency. By grinding your herbs, you’ll be able to easily pack tighter bowls, roll better joints and pack even pre-rolled cones.