Sesh Flower Tower Portable Grind & Pack - Red

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1.6" x 1.6" x 5"
Clear, Black, Red, Green
Fits in most pockets
Magnetically sealed grinder lid
Triple polished and scratch resistant
Best for:
Grinding and Filling Single Cones
Works with:
84mm Cones
Machine type:
Grinder & Filling Machine

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Sesh Flower Tower Portable Grind & Pack - Red
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Sesh Flower Tower Portable Grind & Pack

Portable Grinder and Cone-Filler All in One! Works Best with 84mm Cones!

For the doobie smoker who is never caught unprepared, allow us to introduce you to the Sesh Flower Tower Portable Grind & Pack. This ingenious device is made of durable polycarbonate to make sure it's tough and delivers a quality grind. There are three pieces: the grinder, the chute, and the cone holder on bottom. To use, simply remove the grinder and chute pieces to slide your 84mm cone into the holder. Next, put the top piece back on and add material to your grinder. The lid snaps on with its magnetic closure. Simply give the grinder and few twists and watch your material fall directly into your cone. Use the packer stick provided to tamp down the pre-roll to the desired compression before sliding the finished product down through the bottom.

Sesh Flower Tower Consumer Herb Cannabis Material Grinder
Sesh Flower Tower Consumer Herb Cannabis Material grinder

Spiral Filters

As the spiral tip is much longer in length, it is able to be carefully rolled to have a spiral design inside. Its length also give it the firmness on hold, compared to the standard W tip. This is accomplished without filters made of cotton materials, but rather of the eco-friendly paper filters that are bio-degradable. The smoking experience never got better and safer for the environment.

Sesh Flower Tower Consumer Cannabis Herb Material Grinder

Cylinder Tubes

With it’s cylinder shape, there is also maximized airflow, and gives the traditional smoking experience. You can package the tubes much easier in multi packs and with our Sluice Box tube attachment, you can now pack the cylinder shaped tubes easily. Most importantly, instead of harsher paper normally seen in cigarettes, the Artisan style tubes come with the best French rolling paper!

High Roller Cannabis Herb Material Grinder

Custom Branding Available

Without having to go through hoops, you can fully customize any tube shaped pre rolls, just like doing custom cones. We can take any design or logo, that is then offset printed onto the filter. You can also changes the background color of the filter or fully change the tip by going with the bio-cooling tip or having a full design on external wraps. Customizing cylinder shaped tubes has never had more potential than now.