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Pre Rolled Cones & Tubes

Sourced from the finest paper mills in Europe, our pre rolled cones and tubes are designed with precision, using sustainable raw materials sourced from artisan paper producers to create our Simply Superior Smokewares. Choose from a wide selection of joint cones and artisan smoking tubes in your choice of paper and size, select one of our specialty cones with wood filter tips or glass filter tips or pick up some pre rolled blunt cones or pre-roll blunt tubes. And all of our cones for smoking are flavor-free, designed to burn smoothly and evenly, and have been tested to the highest standards in the industry for heavy metals, pesticides and microbials, so you know your pre rolls are as clean as the flower you put in!


Pre Rolled Cones are Unbleached and Chlorine Free, and available in: Organic Hemp, Natural Brown, and Ulra-refined white.

Pre-rolled cones are available in 5 sizes: 70mm, 84mm, 98mm-Slim, 98mm-Classic, and 109mm.

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Why Smoke DaySavers Pre Rolled Cones?

Pre Rolled Cones - Paper Types

Refined White Paper

Refined white paper is the most popular rolling paper type used in cones for smoking, because it is the lightest and cleanest burning paper. We source our ultra-thin paper from the finest European paper mills for a flavor-free and slow-burning experience. Never bleached, our white joint cones are refined to remove impurities and will never overpower the tase of your flower.

Natural Brown Paper

Compared to pre rolled cones made with refined white rolling paper, the brown paper is less refined, giving these smoking cones a more natural, brownish hue, as it contains slightly more natural plant components. Like all our pre rolled cones, these are made from the finest European rolling papers, which are smooth, slow-burning and flavor free.

100% Organic Hemp Rolling Paper

Made from certified organic hemp fiber, pre rolled cones made from our organic hemp paper are tan in color. Always sustainably sourced, the hemp fibers give these pre rolled cones a natural tan color and add just a touch of flavor that always compliments and never overpowers your flower.

Blunt Cones and Hemp Blunts

For fans of the slower burn and rich flavor found in a blunt, we offer both blunt cones made form hemp and hemp blunt tubes, as well as hybrid hemp blunt cones designed to stay fresher longer. Our Fill-a Blunts pre roll blunt tubes are made with 100% European hemp wraps and our hybrid blunt cones are made with a blend of hemp fibers and hemp biomass that is specially developed to not dry out as quickly.

Pre-Rolled Cone Size Chart

Tested Pre Rolled Cones

All DaySavers, Fill-a Blunts and Smoke Temple products are tested above and beyond the strictest regulations in the industry for pesticides, heavy metals and microbials, so you can be sure that your pre rolled cones, blunt wraps and blunt cones are as clean as the flower you put in them. It may not be required, but it matters.

Sustainable and Certified

Our high quality joint cones and blunt wraps are FSC certified, meaning the pre roll paper is sustainably sourced. Our rolling cones are also FDA certified so you can count on a Simply Superior Smoke every time your day needs saving!

Perfect Pack Compatible

All of our pre rolled cones, blunt cones and pre-rolled tubes are perfect for use with the Perfect Pack cone filling machine. Simply slide your pre-rolled cone or artisan pre-rolled tube over the joint rolling machine’s tube, press the button and you’ll have a perfectly packed pre-roll in seconds!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How much flower fits in a pre rolled cone?

Our standard 109mm cone is perfect for packing up a full gram of flower. We also offer 84mm pre rolled cones in our tower boxes, which are great for packing a half-gram pre rolled joints. Our 84mm Artisan Tubes will hold about a half gram and our Fill-a Blunts hemp wraps will hold up to 2 grams of flower.

+ What is the difference between the white and brown pre rolled cones?

Both our refined white pre rolled cones and natural brown rolling papers are sourced from the finest paper mills in Europe. The only difference between the two is the amount of lignin – a wood fiber – is removed during the refining process. Additionally, our rolling papers are NEVER bleached, only ultra-refined to give them their white color.

+ Do you have pre rolled cones or tube options with filter tips?

Yes! Our pre rolled cones all feature a standard “w” filter tip and our artisan tubes come standard with a special spiral filter, but we also offer pre-rolled smoking tubes with premium glass filter tips or luxurious ceramic filter tips. Both filter tip options cool the smoke, block scooby snacks and add a touch elegance to upgrade any smoking experience. Our Fill-a Blunts hemp wrap pre-rolled blunt tubes come with your choice of glass, ceramic, natural wood, or your choice of vanilla- or sugar-flavored wood tip. Create your own perfect bundle today!

+ Do your pre rolled cones and tubes fit in a joint rolling machine?

Yes! All of our pre-rolled joint cones, smoking tubes and hemp wrap blunt cones are designed for use with the Perfect Pack joint rolling machine. Simply slide your joint cone over the machine’s tube, add your flower, press the button and you have a perfectly packed pre rolled cone or pre roll blunt in seconds!

+ What is the difference between the traditional hybrid hemp wrap blunt cones?

Our hemp wraps are made with 100% European sourced hemp fibers while our hybrid hemp wrap blunt cones are made with a special combination of hemp fibers and other plant material so they won’t dry out as fast and stay fresher longer than traditional hemp blunts.