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The Best Joint Rolling Machines

The Best Joint Rolling Machines

Posted by DaySavers Team on Mar 20th 2024

As the cannabis market continues to flourish, pre-rolls are emerging as a favored choice among enthusiasts. But you don’t necessarily have to go to the dispensary to smoke a high quality pre-roll at home. More individuals are opting to roll or pack their own, taking control of their cannabis experience.

And with this surge in DIY pre-roll production comes many machines and tools designed to streamline the process.

Yet, determining the "best" joint rolling machine can be daunting amidst the array of options. In this blog post, we embark on a journey to explore several of the market's leading joint rolling machines, aiming to uncover the ideal choice for your pre-roll endeavors.

What are Joint Rolling Machines?

While rolling a joint, or even packing a pre rolled cone, seems simple enough, it’s a difficult skill to master.

Joint rolling machines are specialized devices designed to streamline the process of rolling cannabis into joints. These machines are typically compact, handheld apparatuses with compartments or slots to hold the rolling paper and cannabis.

The primary purpose of joint rolling machines is to facilitate the rolling process, allowing users to produce consistent and uniform joints with ease. By simply filling the machine with ground cannabis and a rolling paper, users can achieve perfectly rolled joints with minimal manual skill or experience, making joint rolling machines particularly beneficial for individuals who struggle with hand-rolling techniques or those seeking a faster, more convenient method of rolling multiple joints.

One of the critical benefits of joint rolling machines is their consistency in joint production. Unlike hand-rolling, which can result in unevenly packed or loose joints, these machines ensure a uniform distribution of cannabis throughout the joint, leading to a more consistent smoking experience.

Additionally, joint rolling machines can help reduce waste by minimizing the likelihood of over- or under-packed joints, optimizing the efficiency of each roll.

The Best Joint Rolling Machine: The Perfect Pack

At the top of this list is the Perfect Pack machine.

The Perfect Pack is a revolutionary pre-roll filling machine tailored for home consumers looking to streamline their joint making process. With the capability to fill up to 180 cigarette tubes per hour, this device is designed to accommodate various paper sizes, including 109mm, 98mm, 84mm, and 70mm pre-roll cones and tubes. While primarily intended for cigarette-style tubes, it also works with pre-rolled cones, providing versatility for users.

Unlike traditional cigarette tube filling machines, which are either optimized for tobacco cigarettes or pre-rolled cones, The Perfect Pack stands out as the ideal solution for packing cannabis and hemp. Conventional machines designed for tobacco often fail to pack cannabis effectively due to differences in texture and density of the plants. In contrast, The Perfect Pack employs a unique screw method that ensures the cannabis is evenly and thoroughly packed from end to end. This innovative approach eliminates issues like cannabis sticking together during compression, resulting in a seamless and efficient filling process.

One of the standout features of The Perfect Pack is its ability to customize the compression of cannabis or hemp throughout the cigarette tube. This level of control allows users to tailor their smoking experience according to their preferences, ensuring consistently packed joints with optimal airflow.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, The Perfect Pack offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for effortlessly filling cigarette tubes with high-quality cannabis or hemp. Simply press the button and voila, your pre-roll is ready to go.

The Classic Joint Rolling Machine: Cigarette Rollers

Ace Cigarette Roller

Designed primarily for rolling tobacco cigarettes, the standard cigarette roller provides a straightforward solution for those seeking convenience in pre-roll preparation. Crafted from durable materials like plastic or metal, these rollers boast a simple construction featuring two rollers and a sleeve.

Using them is simple: lay a rolling paper onto the roller, add your ground cannabis or tobacco, and then roll the device back and forth with your fingers to pack the contents into a cylindrical shape. Once filled, moisture seals the rolling paper, completing the joint.

While these rollers offer a quick and fuss-free rolling experience, they may not always yield optimal results with cannabis, given its unique texture and stickiness. Nevertheless, they remain popular among casual users and those looking for an effortless way to roll joints.

The Best Multiple Joint Rolling Machine: The Raw Six Shooter

Crafted for efficiency and convenience, the RAW Six Shooter offers a novel approach to pre-roll preparation. With the capability to roll 1, 2, 3, or 6 joints simultaneously, this innovative device simplifies the packing process for novices and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

The Six Shooter's design allows users to adjust the quantity by loosening the center pin and dialing the plate to their desired amount, whether a single joint or a batch of six. Designed to work seamlessly with pre-rolled cones, the Six Shooter ensures uniformity and precision with each roll. Disassembly is also a breeze, facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance.

Additionally, it comes equipped with a pin/poker for effortless control of cannabis placement. Available in two sizes, kingsize (109mm) and 1¼ (84mm), the RAW Six Shooter combines functionality with design, making it an excellent tool for any rolling aficionado.

The Most Compact Joint Rolling Machine: The Sesh Flower Tower

Compact, portable and designed for on-the-go convenience, the Sesh Flower Tower is the ultimate solution for pre-roll enthusiasts. Engineered to be highly portable and easy to carry, this innovative device is crafted from durable polycarbonate, ensuring longevity and top-level grinding performance.

With its sleek design, the Flower Tower is optimized for use with 84mm half-gram pre-roll cones, offering a seamless experience. Its functionality is straightforward:

  • Simply remove the grinder and chute pieces.
  • Slide your 84mm cone into the designated holder.
  • Reassemble the pieces.
  • Add flower
  • Grind

Adding flower to the grinder is a breeze, and once the magnetic lid is closed, a few twists of the grinder are all it takes to prepare your material. Equipped with a packer stick for optimal compression, the Flower Tower allows users to effortlessly pack their pre-roll to their desired density before sliding the finished product through the bottom. Custom branding options are also available, adding a personalized touch to this compact powerhouse. The Flower Tower is one of the best joint rolling machines due to its high performance and low profile.

The Easiest Joint Rolling Machine: The Grindarolla EZ Grind/Fill System

First introduced in 2013, the Grindarolla EZ Grind/Fill System revolutionizes the joint rolling experience with its innovative design and user-friendly features. Available in various colors, this machine streamlines the grinding and filling process into one seamless operation.

With separate parts for grinding and filling, the Grindarolla EZ system includes essential accessories such as a ninja cleaning tool, packing tool, and storage container, enhancing convenience and functionality.

Using the Grindarolla EZ is effortless: insert your cone, add your flower, grind, and pack. This versatile system can fill up to 6 pre-rolled cones at a time, catering to both individual and group smoking sessions with ease.

The Simplistic Joint Rolling Machine: The Zig-Zag Rolling Machine

Crafted from durable plastic, the Zig-Zag Rolling Machine offers a simplistic yet effective solution for rolling your joints. This machine ensures consistent results, designed to accommodate 1 ¼ and 1 ½ rolling papers. Additionally, it comes with an apron double the size, providing ample space for your rolling needs.

Using the Zig-Zag Rolling Machine is straightforward: place a filter into one end, spread the cannabis on the surface, and gently close it. Then, spin the bottom roller in your direction to create one full rotation, resulting in a neatly rolled joint. While it's easy to use, some users may find more intuitive options on the market.

Choosing the Best Joint Rolling Machine

Choosing the right joint rolling machine for you is essential for a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. Yet, as you can see, there are many options. From compact and portable options like the Sesh Flower Tower to the simplicity of the Zig-Zag Rolling Machine to the versatile, practical and fast Perfect Pack Machine, a wide array of choices suit every smoker's preferences.

So, whether you prioritize portability, ease of use or versatility, a joint rolling machine exists to meet your needs. When selecting, consider factors like size compatibility, durability and additional features.

With a suitable joint rolling machine by your side, you can elevate your smoking sessions and enjoy expertly rolled joints or perfectly packed pre-rolls every time.

The Best Joint Rolling Machine Q&A

+ What factors should I consider when choosing a joint rolling machine?

When choosing a joint rolling machine, consider factors such as portability, compatibility with different paper sizes, durability, ease of use and any additional features or accessories included.

+ Are all joint rolling machines compatible with pre-rolled cones?

Not all joint rolling machines are compatible with pre-rolled cones. Some machines are specifically designed for standard rolling papers, while others may accommodate pre-rolled cones of specific sizes.

+ How do I clean and maintain my joint rolling machine?

To clean and maintain your joint rolling machine, disassemble it according to the manufacturer's instructions and remove any residue or buildup. Use a cleaning tool or cloth to wipe down the components, and ensure they are scorched before reassembling the machine.

+ Can I customize the compression of my joints with a joint rolling machine?

Yes, some joint rolling machines, such as the DaySavers Perfect Pack machine, allow users to customize how tightly packed their joints are by adjusting the screw mechanism. This feature enables you to achieve each joint's desired density and consistency.

+ Are joint rolling machines suitable for beginners?

Many joint rolling machines are designed to be user-friendly and suitable for beginners. Machines like the Zig-Zag Rolling Machine offer simplicity and ease of use, making them ideal for those new to rolling their joints.

As the cannabis market continues to flourish, pre-rolls are emerging as a favored choice among enthusiasts. But you don’t necessarily have to go to the dispensary to smoke a high quality pre-roll at home. More individuals are opting to roll or pack their own, taking control of their cannabis experience.