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The Best Non-Tobacco Natural Blunt Wraps

The Best Non-Tobacco Natural Blunt Wraps

Posted by DaySavers Team on Mar 25th 2024

When you picture a blunt, what do you see?

If you’re anything like the average smoker, you envision a pre-roll made with a brown tobacco blunt wrap like the classic Swisher Sweets, Backwoods, or Dutch Masters.

Tobacco blunt wraps remain the wrap of choice for consumers looking to light up a blunt. It makes sense when you consider that they hold more weed, have a slower burn, distinct flavor, and have been the blunt smokers’ go to choice for decades.

But in recent years, consumer preference has slowly been shifting away from the traditional tobacco blunt wraps and towards tobacco alternatives. Tobacco products contain a litany of toxins that are harmful to the consumer, and smokers are seeking out healthier tobacco-free options – especially as younger more health-conscious smokers are reaching adulthood.

In this article, we’ll discuss the common alternatives to tobacco blunt wraps, including hemp wrap blunts, palm leaf blunts, and other botanical blunt wrap options.

What’s the difference between blunt wraps and rolling papers?

Before we dive into the various types of blunt wraps, let’s first discuss the differences between blunt wraps and rolling papers – and why someone would choose one type over the other.

Rolling papers have been a popular mainstay of the cannabis culture for decades. They’re what you think of when you imagine a typical tightly rolled joint.

Rolling papers are made from wood pulp and are comprised of thin wood fibers, which are strong enough to help the pre-roll hold its shape without compromising flavor. While many people prefer white rolling papers, others prefer brown or natural hemp rolling papers. These are less refined and contain lignans that give them their distinct brown color and a slightly thicker composition.

Blunt wraps, on the other hand, tend to be larger than pre-rolls made with rolling papers. Because of their

large size, they’re able to hold more cannabis and are ideal for sharing with others. Blunts tend to burn slower than other pre-rolls because of their thick wrap in comparison to thinner rolling papers, as well as the larger volume of cannabis inside.

Smokers also tend to be drawn to blunts because of their distinct flavor. When smoked out of a tobacco blunt wrap, the blunt will have an earthy tobacco flavor reminiscent of a cigar and some blunt wraps are even flavored, like the Backwoods honey berry flavor. With a rolling paper pre-roll, there is little to no added taste, so the full taste of the flower is at the forefront of the smoking session. This flavor preference is entirely up to you, depending on if you desire the earthy flavor of a blunt or the unaltered taste of the flower. Not to mention tobacco blunt wraps contain nicotine, of which you’ll feel the effect.

Finally, there is a notable difference in the harshness of a paper pre-roll and a blunt wrap. Paper pre-rolls tend to be smoother compared to the harsher experience offered from a blunt, which can result in excess coughing and a burning sensation in your throat. However, blunt smokers tend to have a heightened or prolonged high from the combination of cannabis and tobacco.

Hemp Wrap Blunts – a Non-Tobacco Alternative

One type of tobacco-free blunt wrap that is growing in popularity is hemp wrap blunts. These wraps are made with all-natural hemp but maintain the thickness and slow burn of a tobacco blunt wrap.

Compared to tobacco blunts, a blunt made with hemp wrap will have a milder flavor profile that offers a natural, almost sweet taste that blends well with the cannabis. You can also find flavored hemp wraps available as well.

Hemp wrap blunts are less harmful blunts, not only because they are tobacco free but also because they are free of toxins. These blunts are made without the pesticides and heavy metals found in other non-tobacco blunts, such as natural leaf palm leaf blunt products.

Natural leaf products like palm leaf blunts, banana leaf, and the popular rose petal blunts are often viewed as a safer alternative to tobacco blunts. But these products routinely fail to meet the strict testing guidelines of the cannabis industry.

The culprit? Natural leaf products often contain mold, pesticides, and heavy metals that they absorb through the soil. Because rolling paper and smoking accessory manufacturers do not have testing requirements, many of these products contain harmful contaminants that can harm the consumer, so beware.

If you’re looking for blunts that are tobacco and contaminant free, hemp wrap blunts are a great option. We offer two types of unique hemp wrap blunts – Fill-a Blunts and DaySavers. Fill-a Blunts are made with our classic hemp wrap. They’re sourced from European rolling papers and made from all-natural tobacco-free hemp.

DaySavers hemp blunt wraps are made with a special hybrid hemp wrap. Comprised of hemp fibers and hemp biomass, these tobacco-free blunt cones are designed to stay fresh longer and avoid drying out as quickly as other blunts. They also offer a smooth and even burn and a more subtle earthy flavor than tobacco blunt wraps.

Fill-a-blunts Pre-Rolled Blunt Tubes

Both Fill-a Blunts and DaySavers hemp wrap blunts come in sizes ranging from 70mm Dogwalkers up to 109mm full gram cones and are available in green or brown.

Fill-a Blunts come with your choice of filter. The spiral tip filter has added cooling effects to help you pull bigger hits and avoid the dreaded “scooby snacks” that typically come from a standard filter. The wood tip filter help cool the smoke while maintaining a natural experience and feel. The glass tip filters allow for big, clean hits thanks to the filter’s unique spiral core – which also serves to block bud from entering your mouth.

These products are also tested above industry standards and are free of heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials found in other blunt wrap alternatives. Meaning, you can enjoy a safe and carefree smoke session no matter your choice.

What are Palm Leaf Blunts?

In recent years, the United States has seen a massive uptick in the number of cannabis enthusiasts using palm leaf blunts. As more states legalize recreational cannabis, companies are looking for unique ways to stand out from the competition.

Enter the palm leaf blunt. Palm leaf blunts and cones are growing in popularity thanks to being an all-natural alternative to tobacco blunt wraps. While it may seem like a gimmick to smoke out of leaf products, these blunts are renowned for offering a slow burn and strong, robust flavors. Palm leaf blunts also have the benefit of cooling the smoke, allowing for stronger rips.

In reality, palm leaf blunts are not actually made from palm leaves. Rather, they are typically made of cordia leaf and tendu leaf found in Asia, notably the South Pacific and India.

Cordia Leaf

Tendu Leaf

Cordia leaf has a distinguishable dark green color and an earthy taste resulting from high traces of chlorophyll. This also leaves them prone to cracking and they are more brittle than some other non-tobacco blunt wraps. Cordia leaf is a thicker palm leaf blunt that allows for a slower burn and thicker smoke.

Tendu leaf is toasted, a process that removes the chlorophyll from the leaf and leaves it with a gray color and fuzzy texture. Tendu leaf also has a less profound taste, making it a good match if you want to taste more of the flower in your blunt. It’s also more flexible and less prone to cracking in comparison to cordia leaf. Because of its durability and the relative ease of rolling, tendu leaf has become a hugely popular palm leaf blunt across the world.

Despite their appeal, palm leaf blunts have several drawbacks to consider before using them in your blunts. For one, there is a large variance in the size of the leaves – which can frustrate consumers who are used to smoking blunts of uniform size. They also crack and dry out faster than other blunt wraps, meaning you’ll have to pay special attention to how you store them.

As mentioned, the big drawback with palm leaf blunts is contamination. It seems counterintuitive for a “natural” wrap like a leaf to contain contaminants, but they commonly contain harmful pesticides and heavy metals that will put your long-term health in jeopardy. So, if you’re looking for a natural and safe alternative to tobacco blunts, hemp wrap blunts are a better bet.

Blunt Alternatives Done Right

Fill-a-blunts Pre-Rolled Blunt Tubes

When it comes to blunt wraps, there is no shortage of readily available products that offer a natural alternative to tobacco products. The best blunt alternative is entirely up to you and your preference when it comes to look, taste, and overall effect.

But if you’re searching for a safe and natural alternative to tobacco blunts, we recommend a hemp wrap blunt since they offer the best smoking experience that is free of the toxins of tobacco and the contaminants frequently found in palm leaf.

Our hemp wrap blunts come in a variety of sizes, filters, and colors so you can choose the one for you. Check out our hemp wrap blunts on DaySavers and Fill-a Blunts today.

When you picture a blunt, what do you see? If you’re anything like the average smoker, you envision a pre-roll made with a brown tobacco blunt wrap like the classic Swisher Sweets, Backwoods, or Dutch Masters.