DaySavers Perfect Pack (Pre-Roll Tube & Cone Filling Machine)

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Perfect For:
Packing cigarette tubes or Artisan tubes with cannabis
Machine Type:
Filling Machine
Up to 180 tubes per hour

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DaySavers Perfect Pack (Pre-Roll Tube & Cone Filling Machine)
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Pre-Rolled Tube & Cone Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Cigarette Tube Filling Machine for Cannabis and Hemp

Cigarette tube filling machines all have the same issue: None of them were designed to work with cannabis. These machines work by compressing tobacco before moving it into an empty cigarette tube. As it naturally decompresses, the tobacco expands into the cigarette tube—creating an even pack throughout the tube. This process works great for tobacco, but cannabis is different. Cannabis sticks together when it is compressed, so a new packing system was needed to ensure the cannabis gets packed well.

The DaySavers Perfect Pack is the only cigarette tube filling machine that was specifically designed to work with cannabis. Instead of compression, the DaySavers Perfect Pack uses a screw method to perfectly pack the cannabis all the way to the filter end—no more tamping and repacking! With this joint roller, you can even customize the compression of the cannabis throughout the tube to your specifications.

cigarette tube filling machine for cannabis

Designed for Cannabis

The main benefit of using the Perfect Pack is that it was specifically designed to work with cannabis and hemp. Compared to other cigarette fillers and injector machines, you will notice right away how this joint filling machine operates differently and how that allows for a perfect, even pack all the way down to the end of the cannabis or hemp cigarette. The Perfect Pack will work on both cigarette tubes and our special Artisan tubes, which were specifically made for premium flower.

cigarette filler for cannabis hemp pre-rolls


The Perfect Pack is a great tool for those that are looking for an easy way to make their own joints. After loading the pre roll machine, all you have to do is press a button, and you’ll have a perfect joint in a matter of seconds. From start to finish, the Perfect Pack can pack 3 pre-rolled cones a minute, so you can spend less time rolling joints and more time at the party.

cannabis cigarette rolling filling machine

Increase Quality

There are distinct advantages to using an automatic joint roller. You can save a little money by rolling your own instead of buying pre-rolls, you get to pick what goes into the joints you make, but the biggest difference between homemade and pre-rolled joints is in the freshness. A joint is at its best right after it’s been made, and the Perfect Pack gives everyone, even those that can’t roll a joint, the opportunity to enjoy their favorite flower at its best.