Smoking Accessories

Our smoking accessories are here to help you with all of your smoking needs. From joint and blunt making tools to rolling trays and packing sticks, DaySavers is home to a wide array of high-quality smoking accessories. Make sure your Ultimate Stoner Kit inlcudes everything you need! We have top quality joint rollers and blunt rollers, as well as wood filter tips, glass tips for joints and premium ceramic filter tips for pre rolls, as well as blunt tips, grinders and even grinders that are also joint filling machines, so you can always save the day, your way.

We also test all our pre roll cones and smoking accessories just as strictly as regulated cannabis products, something no other rolling paper company does. We don’t have to, but we wanted to know exactly what was in our prerolled cones and knew that you deserved to know as well – and that's Simply Superior!

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Smoking Accessories

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