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What is an Infused Pre-roll?

What is an Infused Pre-roll?

Posted by DaySavers Team on Jan 9th 2024

Are you looking for an elevated take on the standard pre-roll? Want to delve deeper into the cannabis world? Smoking the same branded pre-roll joints or blunts can get old, so how do we, as cannabis consumers, take it up a notch? The answer you're looking for may be infused pre-rolls. Whether you're intrigued by infusing your own pre-rolls or enticed by the allure of top-notch brands, this guide is your passport to informed decisions.

What are Infused Pre-rolls?

Infused Prerolls

An infused pre-roll, also known as an infused joint, is a pre-made cannabis cigarette elevated with the addition of a concentrate like hash, live rosin, wax or kief. These pre-rolls, available in various sizes, are currently experiencing high demand within the cannabis community and are the fastest growing segment of the pre-roll sector.

The infusion of concentrate introduces a dynamic element to the pre-roll experience and enhances the potency. The possibilities are diverse whether the concentrate resides inside or outside the joint. Options like bubble hash or wax offer versatility in potency and contribute nuanced flavors, enriching the overall sensory journey.

As the demand for these infused pre-rolls continues to rise, cannabis enthusiasts find themselves drawn to the marriage of convenience and elevated experience that these offerings provide.

What’s the difference between an Infused Pre-roll and a Standard Pre-Roll?

Enhanced Potency:
  • Infused Pre-Rolls: Elevates intensity with the infusion of concentrates, promising a notably more robust experience.
  • Regular Pre-Rolls: Maintains the potency of the flower, devoid of additional concentrates, offering a familiar experience.
Flavor Richness:
  • Infused Pre-Rolls: Unleashes the potential for a luxuriously rich flavor profile, courtesy of terpenes and cannabinoids in select concentrates.
  • Regular Pre-Rolls: Stays true to standard flavors, untouched by the infusion of concentrates, providing a classic taste.
Aroma Enhancement:
  • Infused Pre-Rolls: Boasts an aromatically distinct experience, potentially heightening the overall fragrance
  • Regular Pre-Rolls: Embraces a standard aroma, lacking the additional allure introduced by concentrates.

In this intricate dance between infused and regular pre-rolls, potency, flavor and aroma paint a canvas where each stroke defines a unique facet of the cannabis experience. Whether one seeks intensity or tradition, the choice between infused and regular pre-rolls beckons.

Different Types of Infused Pre-rolls

When it comes to the different types of infused pre-rolls, you have many options to choose from. As the cannabis market continues to grow, there are more and more innovations within the pre-roll world, so finding the right product for you is just a matter of trying them all out.

With so many options, new infused pre-roll users can become overwhelmed by the sheer number of different types of pre-rolls. To help guide you through this decision, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular types of infused pre-rolls:

CBD Infused Pre-rolls:

Infused CBD pre-rolls are crafted with high-CBD, low-THC flower and concentrates. Primarily for medical use because of its lack of psychoactive effects, CBD, or cannabidiol, has been found to reduce anxiety, help alleviate PTSD symptoms and help ease pain, among other effects.

THC Infused Pre-rolls:

Comprised of both flower and high-THC concentrate for recreational, relaxation, and medicinal purposes, often with a heightened potency. Some ways of adding additonal THC to a pre-roll include the highly potent distillate or even THCa powder, which converts to THC when combusted. While normal, flower-only pre-rolls often have their potencies top-out around 30%, adding THC can send potency soaring above 70%, for example.

Hash Infused Pre-rolls:

Harnessing hash, an extract made from pressed trichomes collected from flower, contributes to heightened potency and flavor. This infusion technique is usually utilized inside the preroll by mixing hash with the flower prior to packing your preroll cone.

Bubble Hash Infused Pre-rolls:

Bubble hash is hash created by separating the trichomes form the flower using a blend of cold water and ice. The subsequent steps include meticulous filtration and thorough drying. Again, this is usally mixed with flower prior to packing.

Wax Infused Pre-rolls:

Incorporates highly-potent cannabis wax, a sticky, golden concentrate usually made with solvents to separate the THC from the flower and then either mixed with flower or via pre-roll dipping. There are a variety of different “waxes,” including budder, crumble, resin and rosin, all with varying degress of stickiness and added to the pre-roll through either painting, mixing or including a large roll of through the center.

Kief Infused Pre-rolls:

Utilizes kief, the golden dust made from loose trichomes collected from drying marijuana buds, added for enhanced potency. Kief infused pre-rolls are among the most commonly infused pre-rolls as they are relatively easy to produce.

Terpene Infused Pre-rolls:

Infuses pre-rolls with terpenes, the chemicals that give plants – including cannabis – their distinctive smells and flavors, for intensified flavors and aromas. The terpenes added to prerolls can be cannanis-derived, but are usually botanical in nature, sourced form other plants. They help brighten the flavor of a pre-roll, usually adding fruity overtones, as opposed to a more authentic cannabis taste. By virtue of the entourage effect, terpenes can amplify the impact of your pre-roll.

Terp Sauce Infused Pre-rolls:

Harnesses terp sauce, an aromatic concentrate made from fresh-frozen buds that adds an elevated flavor and taste profile. Terp Sauce, as the name implies, contains a higher level of terpenes than other concentrates, which gives it its enhanced flavor, though it usually does not add to much additional potency to the pre-roll.

Moon Rocks Infused Pre-rolls

Moon rocks are created when the flower and concentrate are rolled together as one, then dipped in kief and added to the pre-rolls ground flower.

Shatter Infused Pre-Roll:

Features shatter, a glass-like concentrate, combined with ground flower for a concentrated experience. Shatter-infused pre-rolls typically boast visual appeal with the translucent appearance of shatter.

What Are the Benefits of Infused Pre-Rolls?

Discovering the Perks of Infused Pre-Rolls

For cannabis enthusiasts, diving into the world of infused pre-rolls brings about some distinct advantages. The biggest plus is the increased potency, of course, but their sheer convenience and simplicity, making the whole experience easy and user-friendly.

This convenience pairs up with the diverse landscape of the overall market and the myriad options available in dispensaries. It's a world with something for everyone, provided you're open to trying new products.

As the price of flower and concentrates begin to drop as markets mature, the idea of creating your own infused pre-rolls at home adds an extra layer of appeal, giving enthusiasts the chance to personalize their cannabis journey. But whether bought at a dispensary or made at home, infused pre-rolls can be a budget-friendly choice for those seeking an added kick in their cannabis consumption.

The dive into infused pre-rolls encompasses convenience,the joy of personalization and a perfect harmony of affordability and heightened potency. What's not to love about that?

How are Infused Pre-rolls Made?

Have you ever wondered about the alchemy behind the creation of infused pre-rolls? Let's unravel the manufacturing process and demystify the journey, from selecting cannabis strains to the choice of which concentrate to add and when.

1. Selecting Cannabis:

Careful consideration goes into choosing specific cannabis strains, each selected for its perceived effects and the desired outcome of the infused pre-roll.

2. Grinding Cannabis Flower:

The journey continues with grinding the chosen flower, laying the foundation for a seamless pre-roll experience. The key to a good pre-roll begins with the grind, so this step is vitally important in preventing runs and hotspots in a finished pre-roll.

3. Adding Concentrate

The pivotal moment arrives as the concentrate makes its entrance. Whether it's kief, wax, hash, shatter, or moon rocks, the infusion occurs through methods like spraying, dipping, or utilizing specialized machines. But if the concentrate is mixed with the flower inside the pre-roll, this is usually time to do it.

4. Packing Ground Flower into Rolling Paper:

Efficiency takes the stage as a machine expertly packs the ground flower into rolling paper, ensuring a consistent and well-constructed pre-roll. Alternatively, for hands-on enthusiasts, rolling by hand becomes an artful option, especially in the home creation process.

5. Outside Concentrates:

Some infused prerolls add the concentrate on the outside of the joint, usually by painting on a distillate and rolling the now-sticky preroll in kief or wrapping a snake of rosin or resin around the outside.

6. Order Variations:

The beauty of the craft lies in its adaptability. Manufacturers may vary the sequence of these steps; some introduce the concentrate before rolling, while others infuse the flower and the rolling paper for a harmonious blend. Still others do it all, mixing a concentrate with their flower and then still rolling it in kief when completed!

Each step in the intricate construction process contributes to the symphony of flavors, aromas, and effects that define the world of infused pre-rolls.

Infused Pre-rolls Popularity and What’s Next

According to insights from Headset, a cannabis analytics company, the prevalence of infused pre-rolls is on the rise, potentially constituting up to 5% of California's legal cannabis market and accounting for a substantial portion of all pre-roll sales, including the popular STIIIZY and Jeeters lines.

This burgeoning trend isn't confined to California alone; it extends to every state with legalized cannabis and has gained traction in most medical states. The popularity of infused pre-rolls is becoming not only a nationwide phenomenon, but an international one as a rule clarification in Canada has led to an expolsion of the products in stores.

A noteworthy development in the infused pre-roll arena is the emergence of cannabis "diamonds" as the next big trend. Seattle Seahawks legend Marshawn Lynch's "Dodi Blunts," for example, seizes on this trend by incorporating a diamond concentrate infusion into its pre-roll blunts, adding a touch of luxury and innovation to the market.

While these "diamonds" are technically THCa or crystalline/isolate, the market seems to have embraced the term, propelling these infused pre-rolls to fly off dispensary shelves. This advancement in infused pre-rolls is just a precursor of coming innovation in the future, as there's no telling how much larger this market will grow.

To Purchase or Craft Your Own Infused Pre-Roll: The Choice is Yours!

The decision of whether to procure your infused pre-roll from a dispensary or embark on crafting your own cannabis blunt/joint rests entirely in your hands!

If your kief chamber in the grinder has accumulated a stash over time, consider incorporating it into your next joint for an enhanced and elevated cannabis experience. Spread a line of rosin or hash into your next pre-roll or even try painting an oil on your preroll and rolling it in some kief.

With the cannabis market constantly evolving, our options are only set to expand. Stay vigilant for the next breakthrough, and don't shy away from experimenting with something novel! You might stumble upon the next trending No. 1 Infused Pre-roll!

Infused Pre-roll FAQ:

+ What is an infused pre-roll?

An infused pre-roll, also known as an infused joint, is a pre-made cannabis cigarette with added hash, live rosin, wax, kief, or other concentrates. It's designed to provide a unique and elevated cannabis consumption experience.

+ Are infused pre-rolls more potent than regular pre-rolls?

Yes, infused pre-rolls are generally more potent due to the added concentrate. The inclusion of concentrates significantly increases the overall cannabinoid content, leading to a more intense and potent high.

+ Can I make my own infused pre-rolls at home?

Absolutely! You can craft your own infused pre-rolls by adding your favorite concentrate to a pre-roll. This can be done by dipping the pre-roll in concentrate or incorporating it directly into the flower. Or you can make your own, mixing your concentrate and flower before packing up a pre-roll cone or pre-roll blunt at home.

+ How long do infused pre-rolls last?

The longevity of an infused pre-roll depends on factors like the size, the concentration of the added concentrate, and individual usage patterns, like how big your hits are. On average, they smoke a little slower than a traditional pre-roll, but because of the increased potency, some users pace themselves through mulitiple session with these power-packed beauties.

+ How much do infused pre-rolls typically cost?

The cost of infused pre-rolls can vary based on brand, strain, and the type of concentrate used, but it is usually more expensive than a non-infused preroll. On average, an affordable brand can range from $10 to $25 or more per pre-roll,or even more for higher-end brands.

Are you looking for an elevated take on the standard pre-roll? Want to delve deeper into the cannabis world? Smoking the same branded pre-roll joints or blunts can get old, so how do we, as cannabis consumers, take it up a notch? The answer you're looking for may be infused pre-rolls