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How to Make Your Own Pre-rolls

How to Make Your Own Pre-rolls

Posted by DaySavers Team on Jan 23rd 2024

We all love a nice, simple pre-roll from the dispensary. Between the convenience and price, the pre-roll typically delivers a pleasant smoking experience. They travel easily, offer a ton of options and are designed to never leave a trail of cannabis in your pocket or purse.

But what if the do-it-yourself nature of cannabis culture, the economics or the desire to cut down on packaging waste – or if you just can’t get to a dispensary – has you turning away from these generally cone-shaped gems. Can you make your own pre-roll, ready to bust out when the time is right or the day needs saving? Of course!

Making your own pre-rolls isn't just about rolling up your favorite strain—it's a pathway to a more personalized cannabis experience. The allure lies in the freedom to tailor your joint to your liking. So let’s delve into the art of crafting pre-rolls with the flower and paper of your choice and explore the unique benefits it can bring to cannabis enthusiasts.

Ready to roll? Let's dive in.

What is a Pre-roll?

Let's start with the basics. Simply put, a pre-roll is a ready-to-smoke joint that saves you the effort of rolling it yourself. Now, why the buzz around these? Well, they're the go-to choice for many cannabis enthusiasts because of their straightforward convenience and usually low price point.

As more states have embraced the recreational side of cannabis, pre-rolls have become a popular, hassle-free option. In our modern, cannabis-friendly world, the term usually applies to the pre-made and pre-filled cones or tubes available for a quick purchase at your local dispensary, but, really, any joint you have ready-to-go and don’t have to roll on the spot is a pre-roll.

And here's the fun part – pre-rolls aren't one-size-fits-all. They come in various styles, each with its unique charm. Whether you fancy the classic joint, the modern cone, want to explore infused options, or even try shaping a cross joint to bust out at your next party, the pre-roll scene has something for everyone.

General Tips on How to Make Your Own Pre-Roll

Now that we've got the basics down, let's delve into the nitty-gritty of making your own pre-rolls. First up, and arguably one of the most crucial steps, is proper grinding. If we think of the cannabis as the main course of our meal, the grind is the prep work and mise en place that sets you up for full-flavored success. Optimal grinding ensures an even burn, so grind those buds just right.

When it comes to the vessel for your pre-roll, you have options. You can either roll your own pre-roll cones from rolling papers or opt for the convenience of pre-prepared cones. The choice is yours – whether you enjoy the process of crafting from scratch or prefer the ready-to-go route, both have their merits.

Next up is the heart of your pre-roll – the flower. Choosing quality cannabis is paramount. Your strain preference will influence the flavor and effects of your final product, so pick something that suits your palate and desired experience.

Finally, consider the environment as we roll into the actual rolling process. Factors like humidity can impact the consistency of your pre-roll. So, whether crafting a masterpiece from scratch or packing up some pre-prepared cones, these tips lay the groundwork for a stellar pre-roll.

Different Kinds of Cones to Make Your Own Pre-roll

These days, the cone shape is nearly synonymous with the pre-roll because so many companies use cones as their go-to paper choice. So when crafting your pre-roll, the choice of cone is a crucial element that shapes your smoking experience. Here are some options to consider:

  • Roll Your Own Cone: For the hands-on enthusiast, rolling your own cone allows you to choose the paper that suits your preferences. Whether you prefer the classic feel of refined white, the natural appeal of brown, or the organic touch of hemp, the choice is yours.
  • Refined White Cones: These classic cones offer a clean and timeless smoking experience. The ultra-refined white paper ensures a smooth burn, letting you savor the flavor of your chosen flower without any interference.
  • Natural Brown Cones: If you're drawn to a more rustic smoking experience, natural brown cones might be the perfect fit. Slightly less refined than white paper, they retain more of the inherent woody quality of the paper, adding a touch of earthiness to your pre-roll.
  • Organic Hemp Cones: For those who lean green, organic hemp cones provide a natural and eco-friendly option. Organic hemp is not only grown sustainably but imparts a unique flavor profile to your smoking session.
  • Hemp Wrap Blunts: If you enjoy the hearty richness of hemp, consider using hemp wrap blunts. These wraps, made from hemp fibers, add a robust and slightly sweet undertone to your pre-roll.
  • Fill-A-Blunts: Giving you the classic blunt smoke without the tobacco or nicotine!

Experimenting with different pre-roll cone paper types allows you to tailor your smoking experience to your liking. From the classic elegance of refined white to the earthy vibes of natural brown, each cone brings its character to the table. Choose wisely, and let's proceed to the next steps in crafting your personalized pre-roll.

How to Make Your Own Pre-rolls Using Pre-rolled Cones

For a hassle-free pre-roll packing experience, pre-rolled cones offer a convenient solution. Pre-rolled cones provide a time-saving and beginner-friendly option for crafting pre-rolls. They come pre-formed and ready for filling, eliminating the complexities of rolling from scratch. Pre-rolled cones are ideal for those seeking efficiency without compromising on quality.

Once you've selected your preferred cone, the next crucial step is packing it with cannabis.

Begin by making sure your cannabis is finely ground, providing a consistent texture. To add precision in packing, consider using tools such as a pencil, packing tool or even a credit card. Choose a flat, stable surface, like a rolling tray, to facilitate an even packing process.

As you fill the cone gradually, use your selected tool to add small amounts of ground cannabis at a time. If you have a small funnel, this can make the process easier. This step is crucial, as it ensures an even distribution, preventing air pockets. To further settle the cannabis and promote a tight pack, gently tap the filter side of the pre-roll on the flat surface.

Periodically check the density by gently squeezing the pre-roll. Look for a firm, but not tight, consistency. This approach helps ensure an even burn and a delightful smoking experience.

Here's a step-by-step review to creating your pre-rolls using pre-rolled cones:

  • Prepare Your Material: Start with finely and consistently ground cannabis. The quality of your flower plays a crucial role in the overall smoking experience.
  • Select Your Cone: Choose a pre-rolled cone that suits your preferences—from refined white cones to natural brown cones and even organic hemp cones. Each type may offer a slightly different smoking experience.
  • Use Tools for Precision: To make the packing process more controlled, consider tools like a pencil, a packing tool, or even a credit card. These aids help ensure an even distribution of cannabis within the cone.
  • Position the Cone: Hold the cone with the filter end down. This orientation not only prevents spillage and helps in achieving a uniformly packed pre-roll, but uses gravity to your favor in filling and packing your cone.
  • Fill Gradually: Start filling the cone gradually, using your chosen tool to pack the cannabis gently. This incremental approach ensures an even distribution and avoids over-packing.
  • Tap for Tightness: Periodically tap the filter end of the cone on a flat surface. This tapping action simulates the bounce of a pre-roll filling machine and helps settle the cannabis, creating a tightly packed pre-roll. But be mindful not to tap too forcefully to avoid damaging the cone.
  • Seal the Deal: Once your cone is filled to your satisfaction, twist the open end to seal the pre-roll. This twisting action helps secure the cannabis and maintains the integrity of your pre-roll.

Or, of course, the easiest way to pack your own pre-roll cones and tubes is to use the Perfect Pack Machine,

The Easy Way to make a pre-roll

Of course, the easiest way to make a pre-roll yourself is to use the DaySavers Perfect Pack machine. The Perfect Pack is a handy, little device designed specifically to fill prerolled cones and tubes with cannabis.

tube filler diagonal top with cannabis product shot

The Perfect Pack takes the guesswork and out of filling your cones and can perfectly pack any size cone or tube with the cannabis of your choice in seconds. Simply slide your choice of pre-rolled cone over the machine’s metal tube, fill the tray at the back with cannabis and press the button. The machine does the rest, filling your cone or tube with your cannabis, all in about the amount of time it takes to take the plastic wrap off a doob tube.

Voila; a perfect pre-roll!

Rolling Your Own Pre-Roll Cones

Rolling your own pre-roll cones enhances your cannabis experience with a personalized touch. Opt for thin, high-quality rolling papers to ensure an even burn with a focus on your flower, not the paper. Create a filter at one end to structure your pre-roll.

Again, start by preparing finely ground cannabis for a consistent quality. Evenly distribute cannabis along the paper, leaving space at the ends. Roll gradually with your fingertips, forming a lump-free, cylindrical pre-roll. Seal it securely with the adhesive strip or a light lick. Taper one end for a cone shape by pinching and twisting excess paper.

Consider rolling paper size and thickness, experimenting with varied dimensions. Explore flavored options for a unique twist. Techniques for shape and density may differ, allowing for customization and indidvidual style or taste. Practice various methods to refine your technique and soon you’ll be crafting uniquely shaped pre-roll cones for your smoking sessions.

How to Make Your Own Cross Cone Pre-rolls

Are you mystified by the classic cross-joint seen in movies like Pineapple Express but have no idea where to get started on making your own? Well, don’t worry! Pre-roll culture has evolved so much you can make your own cross pre-roll in minutes! All you need to do is get a cross-joint pre-roll cone and fill it in with your favorite packing tool, and you’ll be smoking like Seth Rogan in no time!

Or, again, consider getting a Smoke Temple Cross Cone to make things a little easier and speed the process.

How to Make Your Own Infused Pre-Rolls

Infusing your pre-rolls with concentrates opens up a world of flavors and effects. Many of the steps in this process will be similar to previous sections, so we'll focus on the differences.

Choose Your Concentrate:

Explore various concentrates such as shatter, wax, oils or rosin. Each offers a unique flavor and potency, allowing you to customize your pre-roll experience.

Roll Your Own or Use Pre-Prepared Cones:

Whether you prefer the art of hand-rolling or the convenience of pre-prepared cones, the choice is yours. Selecting the right cone sets the stage for a seamless infusion process.

Evenly Distribute Infused Elements:

Achieving an even distribution of your chosen concentrate is crucial for a consistent smoking experience. Carefully blend your concentrate with your ground cannabis, ensuring each part of the pre-roll gets its share.

Experiment with different concentrates to find your perfect blend, and savor the enhanced experience each infused pre-roll brings to your cannabis sessions.

How to Make Your Own Pre-Roll Blunts

Pre-roll blunts offer a robust and flavorful alternative to traditional joints. Originally crafted with cigar wraps, these pre-rolls boast a distinctive taste and a slower burn, perfect for those who enjoy a bolder smoking experience.

Selecting the appropriate blunt wrap is crucial for a satisfying smoke. Explore a variety of flavors and styles, from classic tobacco to modern options like hemp, as well as other, flavored options. Whether you roll your own or opt for pre-prepared wraps, like a pack of Fill-a-Blunts tubes, depends on your preference and packing expertise.

Achieving the perfect fill is an art. Ensure your ground cannabis is evenly distributed along the blunt wrap, avoiding overpacking or leaving gaps. Seal the blunt securely by licking the edge or using an adhesive strip to create a smooth, even burn. Mastering the technique takes practice, but the result is a bold, flavorful, pre-roll blunt tailored to your taste.

How to Make Your Own Glass or Wood-Tipped Pre-Rolls

Premium filter tips, like glass tips or wood tips, add a touch of sophistication to your smoking experience. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic, but they also provide a comfortable grip and prevent direct contact with burning cannabis or your rolling papers.

wood and glass tip

The choice between glass and wood tips depends on personal preference. Glass tips offer a sleek and modern look, ensuring a clean and pure smoking experience. On the other hand, wood tips provide a more natural and rustic feel. Both sides grant strong airflow and zero Scooby snacks!

Integrating tips seamlessly requires precision. When rolling your pre-roll, ensure the tip is firmly attached at one end, preventing wobbling or detachment during use. Experiment with different rolling techniques to find the one that accommodates the tip securely. Whether crafting your own or using pre-prepared tips, the goal is a flawless pre-roll combining form and function.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Making Your Own Pre-Rolls

+ Why should I make my own pre-rolls?

Making your own pre-rolls allows for a personalized cannabis experience. You have control over the strain, paper choice, quality and additional elements, resulting in a tailored smoking experience.

+ Can I use any type of rolling paper?

While many rolling papers work, choosing thin, high-quality papers enhances the smoking experience. Experiment with different sizes and materials to find what suits your preferences.

+ What's the advantage of using pre-rolled cones?

Pre-rolled cones offer convenience and consistency. They come ready to fill, saving time and ensuring a uniform shape for a well-balanced burn.

+ How can I pack my pre-roll tightly without overdoing it?

Use tools like a pencil or packing tool to achieve a precise and evenly packed pre-roll. Tapping the filter end on a flat surface helps settle the cannabis, ensuring a tight, even pack. Always give your pre-roll a gentle squeeze during filling to check its density to create a consistent airflow through the cone.

+ Can I infuse my pre-rolls with concentrates?

Absolutely! Infusing pre-rolls with concentrates adds potency and flavor. Ensure even distribution by incorporating concentrates with the ground cannabis before rolling.

+ What's the difference between glass and wood-tipped pre-rolls?

Glass tips offer a sleek, modern look, while wood tips provide a natural aesthetic. Choose based on your preferred style and each material's unique smoking experience.

+ How do I avoid unraveling or loose pre-rolls?

Achieve a secure seal by licking the adhesive strip or using a light lick along the edge. Taper one end to form a cone shape, ensuring a tight closure that prevents unraveling during use.

+ Can I experiment with different strains in one pre-roll?

Absolutely! Mixing strains allows for a customized blend of flavors and effects. Ensure an even distribution of the different strains for a consistent smoking experience.

+ Are there specific techniques for crafting cross joint pre-rolls?

Yes. Crafting a cross joint requires precision. Each step is important to make sure all three tips of your cross cone will light and smoke. Practice will improve your technique over time.

+ How can I enhance the flavor of my pre-rolls?

Experiment with flavored rolling papers or infuse your pre-rolls with flavored or terpene-rich concentrates. This adds an extra layer of taste to your smoking experience.

We all love a nice, simple pre-roll from the dispensary. Between the convenience and price, the pre-roll typically delivers a pleasant smoking experience. They travel easily, offer a ton of options and are designed to never leave a trail of cannabis in your pocket or purse.